How to create tilemap in Unity2D

1. Select GameObject > 2D Object > Tilemap in unity menu. 2. GameObject "Grid" and "Tilemap" will be created as below 3. Select Window > 2D > Tile Palette in menu 4. Select "Create New Select" as below screen shot and then create new palette 5. Select folder to store palette file 6. Register tile image as below 7. In Tile Palette window, select tile brush and "Paint a filled box with active brush" tool (center icon) in tool bar 8. Go to the Scene window. You can see grid as below 9. Drag tile on the grid of Scene window to create tile map

Move character

1. Move 2D sprite image using virtual joystick in Unity. 2. I used CrossPlatformInputManager of Unity Standard Asset for joystick script. using System . Collections ; using System . Collections . Generic ; using UnityEngine ; using UnityStandardAssets . CrossPlatformInput ; public class PlayerScript : MonoBehaviour { public static PlayerScript instance ; public float speed ; void Start ( ) { instance = this ; } // Update is called once per frame void Update ( ) { float axisX = CrossPlatformInputManager . GetAxis ( "Horizontal" ) ; float axisY = CrossPlatformInputManager . GetAxis ( "Vertical" ) ; Vector3 moveVec = new Vector3 ( axisX , axisY , 0 ) ; float rot = Mathf . Atan2 ( axisX , axisY ) * Mathf . Rad2Deg ; transform . rotation = Quaternion . Euler ( new Vector3 ( 0 , 0 , - rot ) ) ; this . transform . Translate ( moveVec * speed * Time . de

Color Gate

It's my first made matching game. The rule of this game is quite easy but difficulty is not. - To change the color of the gate, just touch each side of screen. - Match the color same as the falling cube. - How many cubes can you collect? Good luck. You can download this game from here .  


"BalanceBird" coming soon.

Balance Birds is very simple game but not easy. Several birds wants to hang out on the glacier. But, the glacier is very unstable. You have to keep the glacier's balance. Powered by cocos2d-x,

"FlipFlip Numbers" is now available on AppStore

STORY - One day, strange machine is appeared in the sky. The machine spread out huge number of number cards through the world. The kingdom decided to use magical signpost to destroy the number cards. Unfortunately, the magical signposts will all flip to rearrange the its number after touched.  So, you need high concentration to use these magical signposts. You have to destroy cards as many as possible to clean the world. Good Luck! GAME RULES - Find same number on a signpost with the target and touch it. FEVER MODE - The magical signposts will not be flipped and rearranged while fever mode. - You can use swipe gesture to match number fast. - Basic fever time is 10 seconds. - Fever time will expand to one sec each 15, 30, 45, 60 level. - Big chance to get high score. FULL VERSION - Level : Up to 60 level. - The magic orb will be appeared short time on the blow of screen. - The magic orb display the target number. (Full version) (Lite v

FlameInvaders is now available on AppStore.

Flame master and its army attack the peaceful forest. You have to save the forest. - Shooting & line defense style game - Easy to control but may your hands will very busy. - Original monster design. - Mini-game style stage. - Powerful boss stage. - Addictive game. * ver 1.1 coming soon - BGM changed. - Remove Ad Banner on stage. - More easy to play. - Fixed 2nd, 3rd new slot bug. - Fixed several crash issues.